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Windsor Christmas Promo

Windsor Computer Center Promo

“12 Days of Christmas @”

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November 16 to December 31, 2015
Per DTI-Batangas SP Permit No. 307, Series of 2015

Promo Mechanics

1. To join, just visit and answer the question/s that is/are being asked. All answers can be found within All you need to do is to look through the website for the correct answers. The one who gets the right answer first wins and gets the prize.

2. Prizes to be given away are products that are being sold on our website so that winners will have a better appreciation of our products.

3. We shall deliver the prize to the registered address of the lucky winners.

4. We shall publish the names and address of the winners. For security reasons, address details shall include only the municipalities.

5. During the promo period, twelve (12) prizes shall be given away to the first twelve (12) participants who get the right answers.

6. These twelve (12) prizes, together with their corresponding questions shall be posted in twelve (12) separate days as scheduled in the table below.

7. The winners list together with the correct answers shall be posted on our website not later than January 15, 2016.

8. Should there be no winners by the end of the promo period (cut-off of entries is until 11:59pm of December 31, 2015), then no one wins but the answers shall still be posted on or before January 15, 2016.

9. All employees of Windsor Computer Center and their relatives up to 3rd degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified to participate.

10 . Any participant may answer any one or all of the questions posted on the website within the duration of the promo period. By the end of the promotion period, any participant who got more than one correct answers shall be awarded only with one prize having the highest value. The other prizes that will be retained shall be reassigned and awarded to the next in-line winners. This is to give chance to other participants.

11. In any case should a participant contest the correctness/accuracy of the answer/s provided by Windsor Computer Center, such concern shall be addressed and resolved on or before January 31, 2016. Any decision/s arrived at by Windsor Computer Center shall be final and executory.

"Day 12"

Prize for the Day
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1 1 kilo WCC 3-IN-1 Coffee P 180.00 11/16/15

A. What value added service does Windsor Computer Center provide (that its competitors don’t) in every Coffee Vending Machine it sells?
B. What is the importance of such value added service?

2 A4 Tech Wireless Mouse P 550.00 11/20/15

Two of the unique features found in are FAQ’s and Instructional Video Clips.

A. What is the name of the person who did the voice over for some of the video clips produced by Windsor?
B. From what product video clip did you see the name?

3 LedTec Digital Timer Switch P 599.00 11/24/15

Fill in the blanks. Clue: You may find the answers from the write ups inside this web site.

WCC's sustained growth is anchored on the company's philosophy of continuous (a)__________ diversification and (b)__________expansion via partnership with new dealers and resellers in new markets. At Windsor Computer Center we believe that the market has a life of its own; that the opportunities for business are limitless and that there is room for anyone who is able to (c)__________ and (d)__________ them.

4 MSM.HK 7500mAh Power Bank P 1150.00 11/27/15

Fill in the blanks. Clue: You may find the answers from the write ups inside this web site.

True-rated power banks have % effective capacity of (a.) ____% and above For the above average ones, our guideline is (b.) ____% to ____% While the rest (average) of the power banks are (c.) ____% to ____% which constitute most of the population of the lower cost market.

5 LED Bulb w/ Solar Panel P 1100.00 12/01/15

a. Give three (3) practical uses of this LED Bulb w/ Solar Panel.
b. What is the battery capacity of this LED Bulb w/ Solar Panel?
c. What is the name of the song and singer of the background music of its video clip?

6 Omni Mini Power Reader P 999.75 12/04/15

Enumerate at least seven (7) practical uses of the Omni Mini Power Reader with explanation to each. No need to explain if it is just used to read out a unit of measurement.

no right answer yet
7 Kingone K5 Bluetooth Speaker P 1599.75 12/08/15

a. One of the many good features of Kingone Bluetooth Speaker is its ability to auto answer any incoming call while it is playing the music that is being streamed from the driver’s phone connected through Bluetooth. This is a very good safety feature especially if the listener is driving a car while listening to music. How is this feature activated?
b. The song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri is being played in its video clip. How many seconds all in all was this song played in the entire video clip? Count only the parts where the music is heard. Answer must be a whole number. Each participant can only provide a maximum of three 3 answers.

8 Bavin iPower 9000 mAh Power Bank P 1350.00 12/11/15

You were given a power bank with a published battery capacity of 39,800mAh as a gift from a friend. This power bank is just about the size of an original Sony Power Bank with a battery capacity of 7,000 mAh. Your curiosity led you to have it tested at Windsor for its actual battery capacity. The only figure that Windsor provided you was that its % Effective Capacity = 25%. Here is the question. If you are going to use this power bank to charge your smart phone with a battery capacity of 7.215 Wh with 3.7V rating, how many charges can this fully charged power bank provide? Round off your final answer to whole number. Please show your solution. Each participant can only submit 1 answer. Correct answers without solution will not be considered.

no right answer yet
9 Edimax Wi-Fi Extender P 1500.00 12/15/15

As can be seen in the video clip for the Wi-Fi Extender, the LG G3 smart phone was used in the demo. There are several icons displayed on the upper most part of the screen like clock, Wi-Fi and mobile signal strength, battery power and time. There is also another icon that looks like the capital letter “N” which stands for a kind of technology.

a. What is the name of the technology this icon stands for?
b. Please give one (1) use of this technology that can be performed with this LG G3.

10 6 pcs. 3W FSL LED Bulbs at P80.00/pc. P 480.00 12/18/15

Please give 2 reasons why you may want to shop at

11 Low Cost Wi-Fi Full HD Action Cam P 3995.00 12/22/15

You can wirelessly connect to this Low Cost Wi-Fi Full HD Action Cam with a smart phone and take photos and videos remotely through its free App. You can also take advantage of its motion activated recording.
A. What is the name of this free App?
B. How long of non activity will the camera wait before it stops recording by itself during motion activated recording mode?

12 Megapro 100 Karaoke Player P 5995.00 12/24/15

This amazing 32-button Videoke machine is indeed one of a kind! Here are just some of its features.
A. What feature lets you know the titles of the song numbers that are queued on the TV screen?
B. What feature lets you change the background beat of the song being played (for example from Disco beat to Tango beat, etc.)
C. You can program this machine to operate within the time you set. How long was this machine set in the video clip shown?
D. Another amazing feature of this machine is in its ability to operate even without a songbook. What feature is involved here?
E. This feature can help produce minus one that can be used in school singing activities. What is this feature called?
F. This feature increases or decreases the difficulty of singing by disabling or enabling a certain functionality. Such functionality is usually disabled for more professional singing. What is this feature?
G. What is the brand and model of the karaoke player that is installed inside this machine?